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CPU Card

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CPU Card
CPU Card

 Contactless data transmission, and no powersupply is needed.

Operating distance: ≤100 mm

Operating Frequency:13.56 MHZ

Fast data transfer: 106 kbit / s, 212 kbit /s, 424 kbit / s

Chip memory: 4K, 8K, 16K, 32K, 64K, etc.

The main components of the IC insidecontactless CPU card includes a CPU, ROM, RAM, EEPROM and operating system COS etc.,just like a super small computer with the advantages of large amount ofinformation, high degree of secure and safe, offline operation andmulti-functional development. A strong and stable security controller, whichcan enhance card security, is used in the CPU card.Contactless CPU card canmeet the requirements of fast transactions (such as rapid transit through thebus card) by using wireless transmission mode and via radio frequency to getthe energy and data signals. A variety of chip-level anti-attack means is usedin a CPU card, basically it cannot be forged; CPU card can run encryption anddecryption operations internally, it has a unique internal and externalauthentication mechanism and a dedicated authentication mechanisms, thefinancial IC card specification as the representative, can be completely ensurethe legality of the transaction; in authentication and transaction process, CPUcard key will not be exposed to outside, it runs through encrypted randomnumber every time, which ensures that the content to be delivered is differentevery time, so as to ensure the security of transactions. All the keys usedduring the authentication and transaction are generatedandcipher texted andinstalled to SAM card and user card in a safety issuing environment, the keyswill not be exposed during the whole process.

The application firewall functions of CPUcard can ensure the secure independence of the different applications in onecard. Financial industry requires higher security and they take CPU card as thestandard for the next-generation bank card. Using contactless CPU card caneliminate counterfeit cards, forged terminals, counterfeit trade, andultimately ensures the security of the system.

At the same time, with its high-capacitystorage space, contactless CPU card can meet the storage of more customerinformation that is required for intended large amount consumer applications.And the safety is not only for the security of electronic money stored in thecard at this moment, but also including the security of personal information.The safety mechanism of contactless IC card can provide a good protection forthis.

Chip Model: FM1204, FM1208, FM1216, FM12DE32,SHC1108, CIU5108A / B, MifareDESfire 2K, MifareDESfire 4K, MifareDESfire 8K,MIFARE PRO etc.


Widely used in the field of radio frequencyidentification, such as urban card, bus, subway, light rail, attendance, accesscontrol systems, business card systems, retail, insurance, medical, health,school, residence permit, driver management and so on.

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